How It Works

Businesses subscribing to our Basic or Premium membership have committed to Take-The-Pledge
Your patron’s now have uninterrupted access to the MyMaskCop mobile app.

While at your facility, if a patron observes anyone, be it, fellow patrons or employees, violating your COVID-19 safety protocols, they may send an anonymous alert to one or more of your staff members designated by you, to act on the message received from your guest. This reduces possible mask confrontations between guests which is happening all to often.

Both Basic and Premium subscribers receive signage and brochure templates to inform patrons you are a certified MyMaskCop establishment. Additionally, Premium Subscribers also receive physical signage and brochures with each membership

To further support your commitment to your guest safety, as a Premium member you'll receive a digital certificate which installs on your website, and links to a personalized MyMaskCop page, developed specifically for your business

Enhanced Digital Certification

This program is designed for businesses who are able to Take-the-Pledge but aren't logistically able to offer their patrons access to the MyMaskCop app for sending anonymous messages. Your business will receive our Digital Certification Emblem to post on your company website. The emblem links to a customized webpage we develop specifically for your business and includes details regarding your companies "Pledge To Prevent" commitment. You will be assigned access to signage templates for print and digital use, to inform guests that your business "Took The Pledge"

Regain Customer Loyalty And Trust During This Time Of Uncertainty

Communicate to customers and let them know how much you appreciate and care about them.

Conveys to your customer that we are all in this together. Work as a team.

Communicate with employees who interact with your guests.

Companies that show empathy will emerge as the leaders.

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