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Why would my business need MyMaskCop?

MyMaskCop is a businesses solution which assists companies with on-premise guest interaction. We help you Regain Customer Loyalty And Trust During This Time Of Uncertainty

While at your facility, if a patron observes anyone, be it, fellow patrons or employees, violating your COVID-19 safety protocols, they may send an anonymous alert to on-site staff members designated by you, to act upon the alert received from your guest. Youll display to your customers and staff that you genuinely care about their safety. Moreover, reduce possible mask confrontations between guests, which is happening all to often.

Both Basic and Premium subscribers may offer their patrons full access to the MyMaskCop mobile app. Patrons use the app to send anonymous tips regarding COVID-19 safety infractions taking place at your business. The business designates one or more persons to receive and act on the alerts. Both Basic and Premium subscriptions include templates to print signage and brochures to inform patrons you are a certified MyMaskCop establishment. In addition, Premium Subscribers receive physical signage and brochures with each membership. Also included with Premium subscriptions is our Enhanced Digital Certification which links to a customized webpage we develop specifically for your business and includes details regarding your companies "Pledge To Prevent" commitment.

Each business is assigned a unique activation code. The business shares the code with its patrons. The patron downloads the MyMaskCop app from the Android Playstore or Apple Appstore and enters the activation code. They are now associated with your business. All reports will be sent to the person(s) you have designated to receive them

When your staff receives the alert there will be a map which indicates the general location of the person when they initiated the alert. This doesn’t guarantee there won’t be false alerts, but it limits the potential. Since apps must be downloaded from either Google or Apple, they are associated with an email or phone number. Most people will be hesitant in using their smartphone apps for the purpose of pranking.

You must first sign-up for any one of our three subscriptions types. Within 24 hours you will receive the following: 1) Sign-in credentials for the subscribed business and its staff. 2) A unique activation code to share with your patrons in which to download and activate the MyMaskCop app. 3) Templates to print unlimited signage and brochures. 4) Premium subscribers will also receive physical signage and brochures plus Enhanced Certification credentials

That depends on your business model. If you have the patron’s email address, you can use our email template to invite members directly from the MyMaskCop program. You can upload up to five-thousand email addresses in a single spreadsheet. We will also share printing templates from which you may print postcards, brochures, and signs to share with patrons as they enter your business. You are welcome to share program details using your own marketing techniques such as Newsletters and Social Media.

For Mobile users, alerts are sent to staff on their Mobile Devices by SMS, Email, and our MyMaskCop mobile platform. The email and SMS will have a direct link to the alert details

Yes and no. If you have multiple locations and it’s your intention for guests of all the locations to send their anonymous tips to go to one main administrator, be it on-site or remote, then you only need one account.

If it’s your plan that the Anonymous Tips go to on-site staff members , so that they may act on the alert immediately, then yes you will need a subscription for each location. To best enforce your COVID-19 procedures, its best to act on tips immediately, which might require a staff member on-site who receives the tip and is designated to act on.

For companies with over five locations, you can simply email us the details for each location and we will set up each account from our end. Emails would be sent to

Please be aware that each location requires its own paid subscription

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